Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Make Your Own Picture Frame

Earlier this summer I shared my magnetic picture frames with all of you.  I gave you the general instructions of how to make them yourselves.  I just completed three more frames and decided to share more detailed instructions with step-by-step pictures to go along with the instructions. 

First, I had the nice man at Home Depot cut 3/4" sanded plywood into 20" x 22" rectangles.  You can make your frames whatever size you want.  I wanted mine to be larger so I could display 8"x10" photos as well as the boys artwork from school.
 I then used  a high density foam roller to paint the board Kilim Beige by Sherwin Williams.  The foam roller gives a smooth finish. 
I applied two coats to the front and back of the frames and let it dry overnight.  Then I used a rotary sander to distress the frame and round the edges.  I sanded it more around the edges until I could see the wood coming through.

Next, I applied Rustoleum Magnetic Primer to 1/8" hard board or particle board.  Again, the man at Home Depot cut these to 16"x12".  This will be your "mat", and I wanted a 4" border around the mat.  Again, you can cut this to any size you wish.  The directions on the primer say to do 3 thin coats of the primer, but I did 5 coats.

I let this dry overnight and then painted it Carolina Gull by Benjamin Moore.  While the "mat" was drying, I made 2" stripes on the frame and dry brushed it with Nomadic Desert by Sherwin Williams.  After the stripes were dry, I then distressed the stripes by hand sanding them. 
I applied this glaze with an old t-shirt and then wiped it off.  I start out with very little glaze and add more as I needed it.  It is always easier to go back and add more glaze but much harder to take it off if you have too much. 

You can make your frame look more rustic by hitting it with a hammer to make dents in the wood.  The glaze will settle in the dents and it is a nice effect.

Here is the finished product. I used wood glue to apply the mat to the frame. You can also use a nail gun to secure the corners if you wish. I used Nailess Sawtooth Adjustable Picture Hangers on the back of the frame. I found these at Hobby Lobby, and you just hammer them into the back of your frame.

These frames are easy to make and the possibilities are endless.  The frames you see in this post are for sale if you decide not to make them yourself.  I do have another frame that is 16"x22" that is the same color without stripes that is also for sale.  If you are interested, just email me for pricing.

Our Southern Nest

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Southern Living Idea House

This year one of the Southern Living Idea Homes was built in Senoia, GA, which is about twenty minutes from our house.  We have been anxiously waiting for it to open.  One of our friends, David Boyd, Jr., had his artwork featured in the home.  He was one of the artist mentioned in the Idea Home article in this month's Southern Living.  He is an amazing artist and married to the lovely and beautiful Julie Knott.  She is one of my bff's here in Georgia, and she and David are awesome couple!  David has a blog, Compelled to Paint, that has his latest paintings and photographs.  Please click here to check out his work on his blog or click his name above to go to his website.

Below you will find some of my favorite pictures from the article.  If you get the chance to visit the Idea House, I would suggest you spend some time in downtown Senoia.  There are some very cute boutiques and antique stores.  I would also suggest eating at Founder's Restaurant for lunch or dinner.  Jim and I love going there for a date night.  The atmosphere is great and so is the food.  Be sure to order their Fried Green Tomatoes with goat cheese.  You will not be disappointed!

I love the sea grass ottoman.

What a great color!  I may paint the island in the kitchen this color.

Great idea for a family calendar!

If you would like to know more about the Senoia Idea House, you can go to Inside Senoia's Idea House and read more about it.  You can also read about the home on Southern Living's website.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Watch out Jonas Brothers!

This morning I walked down the stairs to get my children ready for church.  What I saw made me laugh and I had to get the camera!  The Jonas Brothers better watch out!  The Markel Brothers are starting a band!

I guess these two will have to fight to see who will be the lead singer!  I think the little one may have a little more stage presence.  Check out the Mardi Gras beads to give him a little extra BLING!

Time for a wardrobe change!  Those costumes can be tricky when you are changing in a hurry!

This look is for the ladies and for when he is really ready to ROCK!

Not quite two years old and he is already trying to play the guitar with his teeth!

Who says you can't look cool and have a paci at the same time?  And yes, we did make it to church on time!  Praise the Lord!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Painted Chest Redo

A few years ago we purchase a distressed red painted chest for our home in Alabama.  I loved the curves of the chest but thought the color was too dark for our current home.  I decided to repaint it, and I love how it turned out.  Here is what it looked like originally.
First, I removed the drawers and lightly sanded the chest.  I used a hammer and a screwdriver to distress it even more.  Then I painted it Peacock Blue by Benjamin Moore.

I then used a tobacco glaze to highlight the grooves and the distressing.  I think I may still go back and add more glaze to make it more rustic.  It is always better to go light with the glaze.  You can always go back and add more, but it is very difficult to remove it if you have too much.

Once I put the furniture inside I decided to add a few gold highlights to help the detailing stand out.  I had to replace the original knobs because one broke during our move.  The bronze knobs will do for now but I think it would be pretty with glass knobs. 

It was an easy projects, and it took two days to complete it.  The most time consuming part was the drying time between coats.  Please feel free to email me with any questions about the project!

Our Southern Nest

I had a few questions about where to get the glaze and/or how to mix it.  Your local paint store (i.e. Ben Moore, Sherwin Williams, etc.) will have glazes in stock.  If they do not have the color you would prefer, ask them to mix a glaze for you.  I needed a light brown color to glaze cabinets and could not find a premixed glaze that was the right color.  I picked a color from a fan deck and asked to man behind to mix the colors in the glaze instead of the paint base.  You can also mix equals parts of paint (in your preferred color) and clear glaze and get great results.  I hope this helps!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Sewing, Sewing, Done!

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer.  My how time flies!  We have been busy visiting family and trying to get in as much pool time as possible!  I created a "To Do" list at the beginning of summer.  It in now the middle of July, and sadly, most of the items are not crossed off my list.  I did manage to sew a few outfits for Baby M to wear this summer.  If you have read my earlier posts you know that I think people who sew are brilliant.  I do not think that I am that smart yet, but I am getting there!  I finally conquered "sewing the circle" and Baby M has the outfits to prove it.  Here are a couple of outfits that I made for him. 

My sweet and brilliant friend RJ was kind enough to let me borrow some of her patterns and gave me some helpful tips.  I was feeling pretty good about my work until Baby M wore an outfit that RJ had made.  She is the true professional and I am merely an amateur!

Now all I have left to do is get the outfits monogrammed.  I have a feeling he will outgrow them before that will happen!

This painting used to be a big red fish that I painted a year ago.  I know longer like the fish so I decided to paint over it.  I covered about 90% of the canvas with heavy molding pasted to create an instant texture.  You can use joint compound if you don't have the molding paste but do not get it too wet.  It will dissolve and you will loose the texture.

The red you see coming through is part of the original fish painting.  I still need to go back and add a glaze so you can see the texture in the painting, but I do not know if I will keep it.  Who knows?  It may turn back into a fish in a few days!