Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Magnetic Picture frames

Well, I finally finished one of my many projects I have going on.  Well, to be honest, I finished 99% of the project.  I have been wanting to make six large magnetic pictures frames to hang in our entry.  I wanted magnetic pictures frames for many reasons.  Here are just a few:

  1)  I thought it would be different.
  2)  I wanted to be able to change the pictures throughout the year to match the season.
  3)  I didn't want to be locked in to only using pictures of a certain size and/or layout.
  4)  I also wanted to be able to display my childrens' artwork.

You can make your own frames even is you do not have a table saw!  Here is what you need to do.  First, I chose to make the overall size of the frame 20" by 22" and the size of the "mat" 14" x 16".  I decided to use 3/4" sanded plywood as the "frame" (the blue color) and backer board for the "mat" (the brown color).

Instead of buying plywood that had been cut into 24" square and cutting it myself, I discovered it was cheaper to buy a whole sheet of plywood.  I gave the nice man, Wynn, at Home Depot my dimensions and he gladly cut it for me.  I think it also helped that I had Baby M with me so he couldn't say no to a mother with a small child.  I ended up with 8 "frames" and 2 odd piece that I could still use, but they were not the same dimensions.

I then choose to use backer board that was 1/8" thick.  This will be the "mat" for the frame.  I choose this because it was light in weight.   I needed to six mats for go with me frames so I bought a whole sheet of backer board.  Again, I gave my dimensions to the nice man, Wynn, and he gladly cut it for me.  ( I did this the next day and this time I had all three boys with me so he couldn't say no!) 
I painted the plywood with Berh Premium Plus Ultra.  This is their new paint that is mixed with primer.  I then used Rust-oleum Magnetic Latex Primer for the backer board.  The directions say to use a high density foam roller, and I would highly suggest you do.  I have used a different roller with this primer on a different project and I had to sand it down.  They also suggest to 3 thin coats of the primer, and again, I would do it. (maybe even four!)

After the magnetic primer has dried, you can then paint the "mat" whatever color you choose.  However, do not use the paint with primer.  Your "mat" will not be magnetic anymore!  I found that out the hard way.
I then centered the mat on the plywood and used a nail gun with 3/8" nails to secure it. 

I would suggest that you use the silver magnets that are sometimes called super magnets for your frame.  You can find these at your local craft stores.  I have found that the black magnets that you use for other crafts just aren't strong enough.

Here's the finished product!!

My husband and I built the table above using on of Ana's plans from Knock-Off Wood.  I am not done with it yet, but will let you know when I am finished.

I hope this will inspire some of you out there!  You can customize the frame size to fit your wall.   You can also distress the frames but I decided not to this time.  Please let me know if you have any questions and/or suggestions!

Thanks!  Southern Nest

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to everyone!  Growing up, I was very lucky to have a wonderful mother and lots of "aunts" who were always around.  They were great role models, and there was always someone there to watch out for you...even when you didn't want them to be.

I have also been blessed with an awesome mother-in-law and sister-in-law who are so loving and supportive and wonderful mothers as well!

Thanks to all the mothers in my life!  And a big thank you (and hug) to my own mom who has given me so much and showed me how to be a great mom.  I love you!

I thought I would share some pictures of three of cutest babies that I know!  I love the three of you more and more each day and I am so proud to be your mommy!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Tooth Fairy Cometh

Our little nest had a big weekend.  We watched the Derby...and lost.  We went to a draw down raffle...and lost.  And speaking of loosing, Little O lost his very first tooth.  He even pulled the tooth all by himself (however, it was just hanging by a "thread"?)

I think the corn on the cob gave the tooth that extra push it needed to come out!

Here is the play by play of how the first tooth was pulled.
I am pulling my first tooth!

Oh my gosh!  I am pulling my first tooth!

I did it!

Other things that occurred this weekend...
                                          photo from A Country Farmhouse.  Click here to see more.

I have decided to try open shelving in our kitchen.  I hate our cabinets!  It doesn't matter what color I paint them or if I glaze them.  I just do not like them!  Since the new trend seems to be open shelves in the kitchen, I thought I would give it a try.  I have been using these photos as inspiration.
photo from The Lettered Cottage

If you have not stumbled across The Lettered Cottage you must go to it now!  Layla and her husband have transformed their home and have been gracious enough to share what they have learned along the way.  She has wonderful ideas for those of us who are on a budget, and I just loved what she did to the kitchen.  Click here to visit her website.

I have removed the doors from four of our kitchen cabinets.  I still need to hid the sippy cups and Tupperware so those doors will stay.  We are taking Layla's advice and we will be adding trim around the cabinets and on each shelf.  I promise to post the before and after pictures once the project is complete. (hopefully, next week!)

Here is another project I have going...(wouldn't be me if I did things one at a time) :)

My husband built this table by using the plans from Knock-Off Wood.  If there is a piece of furniture that you would love for your home but don't want to pay the high price tag, she has the plan for you.  Her furniture plans are inspired by Pottery Barn.  This is our second project we have built using Ana's plans.  We started out by building bookshelves.  It was so much fun and her plans were very easy to follow.  I highly recommend that you hop on over to her site and see what she has to offer.  You can either click here or on her website above.  Check back later for a post devoted just to Ana's site.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Derby and Groovin in the Groove

The count is on for the Kentucky Derby.  This year Mississippi has come to the Derby by way of Line of David.  When we lived in Mississippi, I played tennis with one of the owners.  He was my mixed doubles partner and I will have to say that we didn't loose.  He was so much fun to play tennis with and his family was is so nice and hysterical!  We placed out bets on Line of David and are keeping our fingers crossed.  If the horse is anything like the owner, he will be a competitor so don't count him out!

We will be also be Groovin' tonight.  Our school's fundraiser is today and they are having a draw down for free tuition and a "Wall of Wine".  The premise behind the wine wall is that there will be 100 bottles of wine with the label covered.  You will buy a ticket for $15 and you will get to "blindly" choose two bottles of wine.  You may score a $100 bottle or a two buck chuck.  Either way, it sounds like loads o'fun!  I will let you know what we come home with.

See you soon!