Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Embracing your inner domestic goddess

I have been experimenting with natural cleaners for the house lately. OK Mom, you can stop laughing now. I don't know what will tickle her more, the fact that I am cleaning or that I excited about trying different cleaners. But seriously, since baby M has a skin sensitivity to soap, it has made me think about other cleaning agents I use around the house. Could these also be contributing to his skin problem?

As of right now, I am cleaning the floors with a vinegar and water solution, and I added some essential oils to hide the vinegar smell. However, the vinegar acts as a wonderful odor neutralizer and usually goes away after a couple of hours. I have been amazed at how well the vinegar cleans my floors! The regular mop and pine smelling solution never cleaned the floors like this!

I found the article below from Real Simple and I think I will try some of them. I will let you know how this works out. BTW, making your own cleaning products is also great for you pocketbook! My husband will be so proud. :)

All-Natural Cleaning Solutions Real Simple

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