Monday, April 19, 2010

Baptisms, Pollen, and Soap

one more added to the flock

This was a very busy and special weekend for us.  Our little M was baptised on Sunday, and our good friends, K and R and their children, were there to help us celebrate.  K and R graciously agreed to be little M's Godparents, and after the service we enjoyed a great afternoon outside eating and watching the children play.

Before the service began, a man from the church asked if M would cry during the service.  My reply was "most definatly". (M is very attached to his momma and doesn't like to go to anyone until he has spent a few hours with them.)  The man said, "Oh, he will be fine!  We haven't had a baby cry in years!"  So of course you know what happened!  I had to hold the baby while Father Matt poured the water over his head.  Little M screamed when he annointed him with oil.  Finally, at the end of the service, he was sucking his paci so hard that I thought he might swallow it.  So much for the church record!

In other news....
This weekend we also took a trip to a town not too far away to buy goat milk soap.  The lady who makes the soap is so nice and she said we could come pet the baby goats when we come back.  I am a true believer in goat milk "magic".  It has worked wonders for baby M's skin and mine.  I will post more about the wonderful soap and share pictures with you too.

Pollen, pollen everywhere!  We are hurting here at our nest!  It is beautiful outside, however, our allergies have kicked in.  I took a couple of picture of the culprits who have been the cause of our headaches lately.

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