Thursday, April 8, 2010

And so it begins...

I have wanted to start a blog for some time now.  I am a huge fan of blogs and have my favorites that I read daily.  The purpose of this blog is to share what is happening in our everyday lives with our friends and family who live far away.  I am hoping to also use it "cyber" scrapbook for our three growing boys who, in my opinion, are the funniest things on Earth.  However, what mother wouldn't say that about their own children!

My husband J and I bought an old Victorian home about three years ago.  It is a great house in a great neighborhood, but it just needs a little sprucing up.  Along the way I will share some of the many projects I get myself into on a daily basis.  I am thinking that if I post about them I will be more likely to finish them.  There will be more stories about why we chose this house at a later date.  For now, I will just say welcome and I hope this is the beginning of a wonderful journey!

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Katie G said...

HEy! I didn't realize you were downtown, too. :) Don't you love life off the square?! I'm glad Kari pointed us all to your blog.