Sunday, September 4, 2011

Recycled Picture Frame

This summer we started replacing the picket fence in the front yard.  We were left with a pile of picket fence panels that, perfectly aged?  I thought to myself, "What to do, what to do, with all those panels?"  Then the idea hit me!  I could make distressed picture frames!

We had purchased a few painting from a local artist, David Boyd, Jr.  I have mentioned him before in one of my posts, and if you have not had the chance to check out his work, you should.  You can view his work on his blog, Compelled To Paint.

We watched a few videos on and then just winged it.  I hope to make more in the future.  I do like them as is, but I also plan to sand and paint a few in different colors.  The hardest part about the project is removing the pickets from the panel, and finding pickets that are not warped.

Whatcha think?

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Buttercup Bliss said...

Hey Suzanne!! I love the picture frames - you are so creative and talented!! I was so glad to see your post. I've been missing your entries! Hope you are doing great and having a super school year!!

All That Glitters said...

Very pretty!! What a wonderful way to recycle! My dad makes bird houses out of recycled wood.

Anonymous said...

I love the frame! Your ideas and work is exactly what I love. I like the painting in the frame too.