Saturday, October 2, 2010

A Halloween Pillow Frenzy, An Unborn Child and A Football Game

You may be saying to yourself, "What do these three things have to do with one another?"
I will get to that in a minute!  First, let me tell you that our front porch takes a beating from the sun in the afternoons.  Our cushions for the wicker furniture needed to be replaced or recovered.  I was in the middle of decorating the front porch when I decided that I just had to recover the cushions that day.
I purchased the green floral fabric at Hobby Lobby and decided to use it for the seat cushions.  I know that it is not weather proof or stain resistant.  However, it was inexpensive, and by time that it needs to be replaced I will probably want something different. 

I was trying to decide what to do about throw pillows when it suddenly hit me!  I had some orange burlap left from last year's Halloween party.  I could use that to make a few pillows.  The only problem was that I did not have any black burlap.   

At this point in the story, I need to let you know that it is 7:45 p.m. on a Saturday night, and I knew Hobby Lobby did not have any more burlap in stock.  Luckily, I remembered that my SUPER, GREAT, and ALL-AROUND AWESOME friend, Kari, had black burlap at her house.  I called her to ask if I could "borrow" some fabric and she was sweet enough to agree.  I was so excited, and I knew Kari would understand!  She knows when my creative juices are flowing I am a woman on a mission...or just insane. :)

Me to Kari:  "Thank you so much!  I am on my way!"
Kari to me:  "Wait, Suzanne!  The fabric is in the attic and the Georgia game is on.  I will have to ask Rob to get it down during a commercial." 
Me to Kari:  "Oh." (Trying hard not to sound disappointed.)  "Don't do that, Kari.  Seriously, it can wait until tomorrow."

Now I was feeling so guilty that I let my insanity intrude on their Saturday night.  I could only imagine what Rob would say when Kari asked him to go get some fabric out of the attic for her friend during the middle of the Georgia game.  I love football as well, and I knew I did not want to come between a man and his Georgia football.

Of course Kari said it was not a bother.  She said, "I think it is just at the top of the ladder, and I think I can reach it."  Did I mention that Kari is about 5 1/2 months pregnant? 

I told her not to worry about it and that I did recognize I had a problem.  Isn't recognizing that you have a problem the first step in treating your addiction?

Kari proceeded to tell me again that she thought she could reach the fabric in the attic, but I begged her not to do it.  I promised I would go to a meeting next week to help find a cure for this addiction.   I told her my cute pillows were not worth her putting her unborn child in danger. 

I guess by now you know how this story ends.  The pregnant lady did climb the ladder, but luckily, the unborn child was unharmed and the husband was able to finish watching the Georgia game.  I was also able to finish my super cute pillows!  However, I did feel guilty.  I think I will need to make a few extra pillows to give to Kari to make amends.

Maybe I should start my own 12 step program for craft addictions.  I could make some really cute t-shirts, bracelets, frames, coffee mugs and stickers with our logo.  I could create a blog that would document our journey into a craft-free world.  I could hold interventions in local craft stores.  I could post videos featuring the success stories of those brave souls who can actually walk into Hobby Lobby and Michael's without purchasing an item.  I can write a tutorial about how it is possible to surf the web and not spend hours on Etsy. 

But where would we be without burlap ,rhinestones and hot glue?  I don't think I want to know.
I do feel I have to let you know how I made the flowers for the pillows.  I followed the directions from House of Smith's tutorial on fabric flowers.  I love her blog! She has great ideas and this was just one of many.  Please click on the blog name above to visit her site.  While you are there, check out her post about her kitchen pantry.  She makes organization look so awesome! 


katie said...

You're hysterical! What a great post! I wish I had half an ounce of your creativity.

Our Southern Nest said...

Thanks, Katie! I am glad you got it! I was very much aware of how crazy I was being as I wrote the post. I decided at that point I just had to go with it and make fun of myself. Thank goodness Kari is very patient and understands me! BTW, loved the bathroom post.