Sunday, July 25, 2010

Watch out Jonas Brothers!

This morning I walked down the stairs to get my children ready for church.  What I saw made me laugh and I had to get the camera!  The Jonas Brothers better watch out!  The Markel Brothers are starting a band!

I guess these two will have to fight to see who will be the lead singer!  I think the little one may have a little more stage presence.  Check out the Mardi Gras beads to give him a little extra BLING!

Time for a wardrobe change!  Those costumes can be tricky when you are changing in a hurry!

This look is for the ladies and for when he is really ready to ROCK!

Not quite two years old and he is already trying to play the guitar with his teeth!

Who says you can't look cool and have a paci at the same time?  And yes, we did make it to church on time!  Praise the Lord!


Skifty said...

I love love LOVE those tan colored ruffled curtains that you have! where did you find those at???

Our Southern Nest said...

I saw something similar in the Mary Engelbreit's 'Home Companion' magazine (NOV '07) and had a neighbor who does drapes make them out of linen. The ruffled edges were left unhemmed or frayed for a more rustic / casual look.