Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Make Your Own Picture Frame

Earlier this summer I shared my magnetic picture frames with all of you.  I gave you the general instructions of how to make them yourselves.  I just completed three more frames and decided to share more detailed instructions with step-by-step pictures to go along with the instructions. 

First, I had the nice man at Home Depot cut 3/4" sanded plywood into 20" x 22" rectangles.  You can make your frames whatever size you want.  I wanted mine to be larger so I could display 8"x10" photos as well as the boys artwork from school.
 I then used  a high density foam roller to paint the board Kilim Beige by Sherwin Williams.  The foam roller gives a smooth finish. 
I applied two coats to the front and back of the frames and let it dry overnight.  Then I used a rotary sander to distress the frame and round the edges.  I sanded it more around the edges until I could see the wood coming through.

Next, I applied Rustoleum Magnetic Primer to 1/8" hard board or particle board.  Again, the man at Home Depot cut these to 16"x12".  This will be your "mat", and I wanted a 4" border around the mat.  Again, you can cut this to any size you wish.  The directions on the primer say to do 3 thin coats of the primer, but I did 5 coats.

I let this dry overnight and then painted it Carolina Gull by Benjamin Moore.  While the "mat" was drying, I made 2" stripes on the frame and dry brushed it with Nomadic Desert by Sherwin Williams.  After the stripes were dry, I then distressed the stripes by hand sanding them. 
I applied this glaze with an old t-shirt and then wiped it off.  I start out with very little glaze and add more as I needed it.  It is always easier to go back and add more glaze but much harder to take it off if you have too much. 

You can make your frame look more rustic by hitting it with a hammer to make dents in the wood.  The glaze will settle in the dents and it is a nice effect.

Here is the finished product. I used wood glue to apply the mat to the frame. You can also use a nail gun to secure the corners if you wish. I used Nailess Sawtooth Adjustable Picture Hangers on the back of the frame. I found these at Hobby Lobby, and you just hammer them into the back of your frame.

These frames are easy to make and the possibilities are endless.  The frames you see in this post are for sale if you decide not to make them yourself.  I do have another frame that is 16"x22" that is the same color without stripes that is also for sale.  If you are interested, just email me for pricing.

Our Southern Nest


Brooke said...

Love this!!! Now let's see if I try it myself or just call you!!

our southern nest said...

You can do it! However, I am always here if you need a hand!

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog, cute stuff. I'm going to start following you so I can see all your ideas.

our southern nest said...

Thank you! I hope to have more projects up soon.

autumn said...

i love the stripes!! and the soft blue with the stripes is just perfect. wonderful job!

Brandy said...

I can't wait to try this, I love it!!! I wanted to make a magnetic frame for my office and this will work perfectly. Thanks for sharing!

Vanessa said...

Hi! I just found your blog and as a wannabe Southern gal I instantly knew I would love it! You have great projects going and your home looks beautiful! It is fun to meet new people here in blogland and I hope you will get a chance to hop on over and take a look at my new blog sometime! (How many exclamation points was that?)

Anonymous said...

This looks like a great project. I saw that you were featured on Miss Mustard Seed and I loved your Bombay chest. I wanted to come over and see your blog. I really like the inspiration and your creativity. I'm your newest follower. In invite you to visit me and, if so inspired, please follow me in return. I am also having a nice giveaway. Well it's nice to meet you and I'm going to look over your blog a bit more. Have a great evening!

Cathy~Mille Fleur said...

What agreat idea and soooo cute too! I love it!

I had a little peek around your blog and I love it too! The chest you painted is goegeous!


lauren @ gathering moss said...

found your blog through miss mustard seed and am loving it! such great ideas :)

Our Southern Nest said...

Thank you for your nice comments! I really do appreciate it!

PS~Erin said...

I really think I'm going to do this. It's such a neat way to put up school work and art from the kids. I'm thinking that I'll line the hallway with this and make it like an art gallery. Love it! And yours turned out so pretty! Nice job and thanks for the instructions!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE this idea! I just have one question! What is backer board? I looked for it and even asked a very confused worker at my local Lowe's, but i didn't find it! I am going ahead using a thinner plywood for the top piece, but I am still curious!!!

Our Southern Nest said...

Hey Anony,

I looked it up and maybe you could ask for hard board or particle board. I know it is not plywood, but it is brown in color and 1/8" thick. It is a wood composite like MDF. Sorry for the confusion and I hope this clears it up somewhat.