Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Pumpkins in June?! Really?

Why do I have a picture of pumpkins and a very handsome rooster you might ask?  Well, I will tell you, but first let me give you a little background information.  J and I live in a 110 year old home off the square and the traffic around our house can become quite busy at certain times of the day.

Monday, I was watering the flowers in the front yard with the handsome rooster pictured above.  It was "quittin' time" and the traffic was getting heavy.  All of a sudden, this lady pulled over in front of the house.  Now, this happens quite often when we are outside.  People are either lost or want to know where so and so lives.  Since I had the rooster with me I was somewhat apprehensive about the situation, but the lady ended up being very nice. 

Here is where the pumpkins come in.  The lady pulled over to inquire about my pumpkin topiaries I display during Halloween.  She asked, "Where did you buy the stacked pumpkins you put out for Halloween?"  I replied, "I made it from the carvable pumpkins you buy at Michael's."  Now she has a disappointed look on her face because she wanted to buy them so I proceeded to tell her how to make them.  Please remember she is still pulled over in front of my house.

Now, I don't mind telling her how to make the topiary, but now there are two cars stuck behind her. Also, I am trying to explain how to do something and watch my rooster at the same time.  I continue to tell her where to buy the pumpkins, what tools she will need and how to assemble to topiaries.  When I finish there are at least 10 cars behind her waiting patiently for us to finish our conversation.  You have got to love the South!

I was extremely flattered that she liked my house at Halloween.  She said that every time she goes by the house she always thought about the pumpkins.  Then she saw me outside and took a chance on asking me about them.   I will promise to post the directions for making your own pumpkin topiary.  I need to make new topiaries anyway.  I have had the two original ones for five years (and three moves).  Needless to say, during the moves they were pretty banged up and the rooster did a number on one of them this past Halloween.

So please check back around September for the how-to!

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