Saturday, May 1, 2010

Derby and Groovin in the Groove

The count is on for the Kentucky Derby.  This year Mississippi has come to the Derby by way of Line of David.  When we lived in Mississippi, I played tennis with one of the owners.  He was my mixed doubles partner and I will have to say that we didn't loose.  He was so much fun to play tennis with and his family was is so nice and hysterical!  We placed out bets on Line of David and are keeping our fingers crossed.  If the horse is anything like the owner, he will be a competitor so don't count him out!

We will be also be Groovin' tonight.  Our school's fundraiser is today and they are having a draw down for free tuition and a "Wall of Wine".  The premise behind the wine wall is that there will be 100 bottles of wine with the label covered.  You will buy a ticket for $15 and you will get to "blindly" choose two bottles of wine.  You may score a $100 bottle or a two buck chuck.  Either way, it sounds like loads o'fun!  I will let you know what we come home with.

See you soon!

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